How To Protect Your Energy

What Are Energy Drainers?
Energy drainers or psychic vampires are individuals who "feed" on other people's energy and they poke holes in your aura in order to suck out your energy. There are two kinds of energy drainers: those who are aware of their powers; and those who are not. The first kind, the intentional drainer, actually know that they are feeding, and they suck out your positive energy deliberately. But the majority of energy drainers fall into the second category – they are unintentional energy-suckers who are unaware that they are draining you of your energy to feed themselves.

How To Tell If Someone is An Energy Drainer?
There are telltale signs that can clue you in if a person is an energy vampire. You basically will feel as though your "life has been drained out of you."If you're excited or in a good mood, for instance, you will sense your excitement plummet once you share it with an energy drainer because any interaction with them results in tiredness, depression, anger, melancholy, or sadness, and even a feeling of confusion. They become energized by a surge of your positive energy while you are left feeling drained.

A Protection Technique Against Energy Drainers And Psychic Attacks?
You can protect yourself from energy drainers and vampires by doing the following:

• In the morning,  spend a minute or so setting up your energy protection shield.

• Your energy protection shield is a shield of pure positive energy generated by your thoughts. Deliberately encase yourself in a force field, and will yourself to make it strong and impenetrable against energy-draining attack.

• Once you go out, remain vigilant, make mental notes of how people leave you feeling and spend as little time as possible with those who drain your energy.

• Stay neutral when you meet new people. Set boundaries. Try not to "pour yourself out."

• When you sense that you are in the company of an energy drainer, reinforce your protective shield. Practice non-attachment, Don't let anything he or she says affect you.

• If you think that an energy-sucker has started to get a hold on you, just politely cut the interaction and politely leave. You can also take a salt bath to cleanse yourself if you think you've encountered an energy drainer. Just add one cup of sea salt into a tub of warm bath water, then soak in it for 10 minutes!

The sea salt will cleanse your aura and help you get your energy back!


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